Realise the Value of Influence

Seed tracks customer engagement through to purchase, generating insights that enable you to accurately retarget and deliver ROI on all social activity.

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Track behaviour, influence, results & transactions

Our event tracking technology tracks user behaviour across all social networks to any depth, through to the point of purchase.


Drive incremental revenue & customer acquisition

Engage with your audience, incentivise and reward them for championing the brand, and sharing your content out into their personal networks.


Influencer ranking for

Rank your audience based on different levels & types of influence, then re-engage with them accordingly through our platform.


Get powerful real-time insight and analytics

Seed dashboard
  • Detailed analytics based on people

    We focus in on people, not just clicks and likes, so you get more meaningful insights.

  • Segment and filter consumer activity and product tracking across all networks

    Understand how to communicate directly with different segments of your audience on a personalised level.

  • Insights into existing and new customers

    Understand your audience, and your audiences networks as well.

  • Live campaign feedback for optimisation

    Make educated, informed, insightful, campaign decisions based on live performance feedback.


Build an engaged and loyal community of influencers for your brand



Identify which content, offers & products that your customers are engaging with, and find your brand champions.



Based on the insights you now know, target these ‘champions’ with the content that you know they want.



Utilise Seed’s tiered rewards system to engage and reward influencers across all levels.



Virtuous cycle based on data and insights, resulting in more targeted & informed marketing strategies being deployed.


Seed Origin, the fully integrated platform with built in social marketing

Seed platform
  • Bespoke Desktop & Mobile Solutions

    Custom templates help increase brand awareness, from integrated targeted campaigns to bespoke community microsites that are accessible on any device.

  • Facebook Integration

    Drive traffic from Facebook to your own database with custom built campaigns that integrate seamlessly into Facebook pages.

  • Engaging Customer Experience

    Seed’s automated notification system keeps your customers engaged every step of the way, a personal dashboard allows your users to keep track on their progress and claim rewards instantly, ensuring a great user experience end to end.

  • Goal & Reward Management

    Our system allows you to generate and distribute instant rewards based on customisable triggers that monitor activity and user interaction. Once a goal is reached notifications can be sent along with rewards such as discounts, unique voucher codes, media streaming and much more


Putting people into the centre of value

Seed’s technology tracks user events from social networks and other channels to the point of purchase. By attributing value to all points across the user journey, we allow our clients to establish true ROI on their content, customers and influencers.

Our proprietary data enables informed strategic marketing decisions by using real-time analytics that show the performance of your content, products and promotions beyond the first level of engagement.

We rank users by influence and provide a segmented database of brand advocates. Using permission based processes, we allow you to re-target these influencers based on their relevance and effectiveness within their networks.

Seed’s products integrate your marketing activities and allow the implementation of an end-to-end 360 degree marketing solution that puts the customer at the heart of all activity. As a result you’ll build a people-centric, value based, influencer marketing platform that bridges the gap between clients and customers.

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